2003 Nissan Altima



June, 7, 2013 AT 12:34 PM

One of my soldiers has a nissan altima with the 2.5l and he says that about a month ago it would not start till the engine cooled off yesterday I finally found out about it and now it wont start at all. I went and looked at it and took the gas cap off cause it sounded like a fuel issue when I did that the tank sucked in air and you could hear an audible girgle from the tank it actually sounds like vapor lock to me or maybe a fuel pressure problem. Any help would be great


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June, 7, 2013 AT 12:41 PM

Even though you can hear something in the fuel tank, you need to check to make sure it is producing the proper fuel pump pressure to the engine. Also, you need to check to make sure you are getting spark to the plugs (Both procedures are on our homepage under the DIY section). Check that. If both are good, check to make sure the injectors are getting power and working.

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