2003 Lincoln Town Car



February, 15, 2011 AT 6:09 AM

I have a 2003 Lincoln Towncar whose air conditioner would not blow cold air (last August). When I cycled it off/on for 30 or 40 times, it would turn on and blow cold air. Within a little while, it would quit working again. We had the A/C compressor and clutch replaced last September by the local dealership. The weather cooled off and we really did not use the A/C much. We took a long trip last week and on the way home, the weather warmed up enough to require the A/C. It had the same symptoms, but I did notice another one: it would blow cold air after I drove over bumps or rail road tracks. Alas, the next bump killed it. I'd like to know what it might be before I take it back to the dealership.


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