The belt broke on a cold day my wife drove not.

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The belt broke on a cold day my wife drove not even three miles and the car quit I had it towed home found broke belt and repla ed it but when I poured in the water it began to pour out of the engine I removed the passinger side front tire and the liner so I had a better view I had a friend pour in more water the water was runing out just above the manifold but it was so congested in that area I couldnt pinpoint where it was pouring out at it pours out fast as you pour it in with the oil drain plug out you get a small trickle of water run out the oil drain I removed the intake manifold for several mechanics felt that was the problem but it wasant now they recomend I trash that motor let them get me a used motor and let them install it thank you for any sejustions

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 AT 3:38 AM

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