I have an 2003 Izusu Axiom XS

  • 2003 ISUZU AXIOM
  • 123,500 MILES

I have an 2003 Izusu Axiom XS. Not sure if it's maybe an eletrical or computer problem. After driving the car for maybe 10 miles or so the ABS, Brake, Battery lights will start flickering. If i'm driving the RPM's will begin to rise. When I come to a complete stop the lights will go away. Once I begin to try to go the RPM's will rise but the car wlll barely move and the lights will start flickering again. If you manually shift it the car will move just fine. If you turn the car off for a minute then turn it back on it will drive fine again. It didnt do it for the past few days at all and then this morning has started doing it again but the check engine light is along with the other indicators. My head lights and dash lights are also dimmnig out and become brighter while this is happening. Also when I tried to restart my car it continued to do it when it came back on. Help!

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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 12:20 PM

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