2003 Hyundai Tiburon



February, 28, 2012 AT 11:31 PM


I have been fighting this problem for a month or so. I swapped my fried tib motor with a newer Sonota motor and now I cannot get the check engine light to turn off.

First, I had a p0031 code for the O2 sensor bank1. The car ran very good though. It turns out that I had the signal wire connected wrong for the O2 sensor. Once this was fixed, the car runs very bad now.

With the o2 sensor connected correctly, I have very poor acceleration until around 3k rpms where the car will pick up nicely. It idles roughly around 500 rpms. There are 6 codes now: p1166, p300, p301, p303, p305, p174.

If I disconnect the o2 sensor, the car will run fine and of course throw the p0031 code. I have cleaned the MAF sensor and replaced the PCV valve. If I spray starting fluid around the air intake and manifold, there is no idle acceleration.

At this point, I do not know what else to check.




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February, 28, 2012 AT 11:35 PM

Is the oxygen sensor OEM part? If so check wiring back to the computer



February, 28, 2012 AT 11:39 PM

No. The one in there now is after market. I replaced the OEM sensor thinking that was the issue. The behavior was identical with both the OEM and after market sensors.

I got the wiring color code from the dealership last week, so I am confident it is connected correctly. And all the voltages seem correct.



February, 28, 2012 AT 11:50 PM

P0174 Lean fuel condition could be caused by one of the following below: 1. Vacuum leaks

2. EGR and PCV valve.

3. Low fuel pressure.

4. Dirty fuel injectors.

5. Mass Air Flow Sensor.

6. Oxygen Sensor.

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