2003 Ford Focus P2195 OBD2 engine light code

  • 2003 FORD FOCUS
  • 18,000 MILES
my 2003 focus lx 2.0L L4 SOHC ~18,000 miles has had the engine light so I went to autozone to read the code.
Autozone obd2 printout says "P2195 lack of heated oxygen sensor- Bank 1 Sensor 1 HO2S11 switch- sensor indicates lean"
they said "Your car is burning more fuel. It's a common problem. It's usually the 1st sensor to go out. It's possibe to DIY. It looks like a spark plug in the exhaust pipe b4 the catalytic converter by exhaust manifold."
I checked with Herko Automotive Group and they said "For your car 2003 FORD FOCUS 2.0L L4 SOHC in the position sensor 1 (Upstream) you need the oxygen sensor number SG1813."
1. I think I see whee the bank 1 sensor 1 in front of the engine but can someone post a pic highlighting the location
2. How reliable is this advice from autozone & herko? Should I just replace the sensor or what's the next likeliest fix for this?
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Thursday, July 25th, 2013 AT 11:29 AM

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Ok, there are a few things that can cause the code you are getting.

40) For Continuous Memory Only DTCs P1130, P1150, & For KOER & Continuous Memory DTCs P1131, P1132, P1151, P1152, P2195, P2196, P2197 Or P2198: Upstream HO2S Not SwitchingContinuous Memory DTCs P1130 and P1150 indicate when an HO2S fails to switch due to a circuit or fuel at or exceeding a calibrated limit. KOER and Continuous Memory DTCs P1131, P1132, P1151, P1152, P2195, P2196, P2197 and P2198 indicate a concern when fuel control system does not detect HO2S switching for a calibrated time. DTCs P1130, P1131, P1132, P2195 and P2196 refer to HO2S-11. DTCs P1150, P1151, P1152, P2197 and P2198 refer to HO2S-21. Possible causes for these faults are:

Fuel System - Excessive fuel pressure, leaking or contaminated fuel injectors, leaking fuel pressure regulator, low fuel pressure or engine running out of fuel or vapory recovery system fault.

Induction System - Air leaks after MAF sensor, vacuum leaks, PCV system or improperly seated engine oil dipstick.

EGR System - Leaking gasket, stuck EGR valve or leaking diaphragm or EVR.

Engine Mechanical - Engine oil overfilled, cam timing, cylinder compression or exhaust leaks before or near HO2S.

Also, I would check for a burnt fuse, since the O2 Sensor is Heated it requires a fuse.

As far as the Advise from AutoZone - they are only reading what the Code Def is and not what other conditions can cause the code and they would love to sell you an O2 Sensor that you may or may not need.

As for the Herko Automotive Group I honestly haven't heard of them, so cannot say.

Image below
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