Ive had the car for about year now and ive.

  • 207,000 MILES

Ive had the car for about year now and ive started to notice a grinding noise from the front end while driving at first I thought it was wheel bearings so I shecked one one was bad replaced it still have noise so checked shafts seam to be solid and id like to figure out whats going on but to go any deeper into the car it would take some work and I need the car everyday so I cant have it down long for something im not sure ill even find it gets worse around right hand curves and gets better on left hand curves seems like it only happens when im climbing a hill or accelerating cant hear it when coasting its not a constand growl its on and off with revalutions and not the engines revs. Its on the transmission side im pretty sure

Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 4:45 PM

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