I have had this car for about a year and the.

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I have had this car for about a year and the fuel gauge has not worked properly since I bought it. So instead if using the fuel gauge we simply keep the "fuel used" counter on on the dash. However I started having problems with my car losing or not having power. It didn't like when we were going at a steady speed and then might have to go up a slight incline it didnt want to accelerate. So we started with the spark plugs and wires. Got the front 3 replaced and it helped a little but someone suggested the MAF sensor. We replaced that and it made a difference but we still needed to do the back 3 spark plugs and wires. So I took it to a friend who also suggested the fuel filter might be clogged. Got the spark plugs, wires, andfuel filter replaced and the very next day I was taking my bf to work, stopped to get coffee and left the car running and when we came back out it had stalled. Turned over but wouldn't start. Took about 10 minutes to finally get it running and stay running. Backed up, drove about 10 feet and it died. Started right up again and got to his work. Put it in park there and it died again. Started right up for me, lasted about a 30 seconds and died. Started up again, lasted another 30 seconds abd died again. Then I could get it to turn over but it wouldn't start at all. Was told it was probably the fuel pump. However, a mechanic at my work said it didn't sound typical for a GM fuel pump and suggested either something with the camshaft or crankshaft, I dont remember which now, or I could have done some damage to my engine coil which would cause electrical problems. But my dad got me a new fuel pump put it on today and the new one isn't working. So it appears to be electrical. He said my fuel gauge is working now though. I came across a similar post for my car and someone suggested the wiring harness for the fuel pump is a known problem and I've seen issues with the c305 connector affecting the fuel gauge. At this point I need a direction to go. It turns over but won't start.
Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 12:45 AM

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Yes, the connector. It is under the car by the back left door. Common for rotting out. I have an 2002 and had the same issue.

Was this
Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 12:48 AM

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