I do regular maintenance at the dealership.

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I do regular maintenance at the dealership; every 3-6 months based upon how much I drive it. The rear brakes were just replaced this spring, the front ones haven't been replaced in several years. Last year I had a major repair to the alignment to the front pair; I had to replace the tires as well at this point. There was physical damage to a strut, this made it drive much better. According to the service guys, they're in good shape now.

However, I'm getting a severe vibration when applying the brakes at high speed. 40mph+, car cold. Now, you might not think I'd need to do this often, but I live in a fairly mountainous area, and the highway is very curvy and steep here. There are places I need to use the brakes at high speed whenever going through the mountains (at least once a week), so it's important. The vibration isn't as severe if the car is warm or I've been driving all day; but if I haven't, it's alot of vibration, right to the point of making the steering wheel shake back and forth.

The service guys say the brakes are within tolerances, what should I be having them looking for? Am I missing something?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 AT 12:08 AM

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You need new rotors. They are overheated and warped. Replace the pads and rotors


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Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 AT 12:23 AM

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