2002 Mercury Marquis



January, 26, 2011 AT 3:59 PM

I own a 2002 Grand Marquis. One rear electric window goes all the way down and the other goes half-way down. I bought this vehicle new and neither window has been repaired since I got the car. I was told that the 2001 rear windows were designed to go half-way down. Now that my car is out of warranty, the Ford dealer tells me that my car had the wrong motor and regulater installed in it when it was built. Is there an easy way to make the one window go all the way down without purchasing a new motor and regulater? On the 2002 Mercury, both windows should go all the way down. Thanks, Vernon Foret

Is there a "stop" mechanism that can be removed?

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February, 23, 2011 AT 4:42 PM

The windows should only go 1/2 way. The motor and regulator needs replaced to do what you want.

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