2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee



February, 16, 2014 AT 5:39 AM

I have a 2002 JGC with a 2002 dodge Durango 8 cylinder engine. Just as the weather started to get fridgid this yearit started running very rough. Sometimes it runs perfectly but other tones it shakes ib idle then has alnost no acceleration along with a sputter. Took it to 2 mechanics who said the code ecm failure came up and that the computer to the engine is bad. Dealership wants $600 for the part and $175 for installation. What are the chances that the computer I have can just be reprogrammed? I just had a baby and I dont know if its worth sinking almost $800 into this jeep although it gas no other problems. Gekp : _

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February, 16, 2014 AT 7:53 AM

Check with a garage these can be rebuilt. They can't be reprogrammed if they failed the garage can do just as good as dealer at a cheaper cost.

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