My 02 Civic LX all of a sudden became very.

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  • 2002 HONDA CIVIC
  • 168,000 MILES

My 02 civic lx all of a sudden became very difficult to shift, 1st & R being the worst. No warning signs, pedal feels the same. Also, the car would roll in 1st gear while the clutch pedal was depressed, no brakes and level ground. So I'm thinking, clutch not disengaging fully. The car shifts fine while not running, but soon as you start it, very hard to shift through gears. Checked for leaks, bled the master cylinder, no change.
So, I did the whole enchilada, seeing as it had almost 170K miles. I installed new clutch, PP, TOB, pilot bearing, slave, and master cylinder. Double checked all installation and orientation of new parts, drained and refilled with 1.8 qts. 10w-30 RP synthetic, adjusted pedal, all plugs back in proper place and no extra nuts or bolts, lol. Damned if it isn't still doing the same thing.
My question, bad gears or bad synchros, or both? Never popped out of gear so I didn't suspect the synchros. Any help greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 AT 7:16 AM

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