Got a squeel coming from engine bay, I think.

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Got a squeel coming from engine bay, I think its either a loose fan belt or worn fan belt, however the fan belt tension doesnt seem to bad.I thought it could be a bearing (clutch) also because some times it will be squealing whilst accelerating and when I put the clutch in it stops making the noise but on other occasions it squeals even with the clutch in so not really sure, I dont have a workshop manual so I dont know what the tension should be on the fan belt. It makes the noise randomly and has been doing it more frequently over the last 2000kms. More prone to do it if it rains or has rained which leads me back to the fan belts but not 100% sure?
Sunday, November 4th, 2012 AT 8:43 AM

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Hello - we don't have manuals for your vehicle. However, the best thing is to remove the belt and check all pulley's for free rotation or ANY signs/sounds of worn bearings.

Also, a tensioner can look fine but there is a tremendous amount of stress on them. Most are two bolts off/on and worth the change. Also, when was the last time you changed your belt? Belts stretch and it could be just stretched enough the tensioner can't keep enough on it.

Before sepertine belts normal play was less than to 1/2" press down pressure in the middle of the longest span. As you see by the pic, the arrows indicate where you would push and some have adjusting bolts to take up any slack as shown by the pic
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Sunday, November 4th, 2012 AT 9:03 AM

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