2002 Holden



November, 16, 2012 AT 4:57 PM

Hi my boyfriend just bought a v6 vx echotec commodore. Had it 7 days and overheated at a set of lights and hasnt started since! The guy he bought it from put a brand new radiator in it we changed the thermo stat and everything like that but for some reason the radiator hose blew off and there was no water in the radiator by the time it died. There is NO water in the oil or anything like that but there was alot of water in the manifold when he took out the spark plugs they were soaked in water! (Plugs were only 3 days old) its like the engine is flooded but instead of fuel getting in water is and so it wont spark? Can someone please explain what has happened what has caused it and how we can fix it? We dont think its a cracked head as the oil is completely fine not milky. Pls help!

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