My van has been having problems with the turbo.

  • 2002 GMC SAVANA

My van has been having problems with the turbo injection pump. When I drive it starts going faster by itself and I almost get into car accidents. I had to change the pump 4 times ! And I cant get a 5th one because General motors because my van is 10 years old and unelligable It has a factory defect. I had a problem with this ever since I got it. General motors tried to keep it quiet and wont let me complain about.I have to pay $1800 every 6 months and im getting tired of it. Please help me out !

Sunday, October 21st, 2012 AT 4:45 PM

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You need a good truck shop to help you out. They can get the pump repaired so this does not happen.

There was a tsb and no one can stop you fro complaining.


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Sunday, October 21st, 2012 AT 5:34 PM

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