2002 Ford Taurus power steering

  • 2002 FORD TAURUS
  • 124,673 MILES
The power steering pump cap pops off and theirs foam I changed the pump and the pressure line with a in line filter I put the wheels up in turn them side to side with the car off then I turn it on turn the wheels side to side but as soon I turn it off the cap pops off I've been turning the wheels side to side for the last 3 days but when I put the car on the floor the steering wheel is really hard and makes a really loud noise as try to turn it but its really hard and knowing with my luck I might break some thing I really need help
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Friday, September 27th, 2013 AT 10:03 PM

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Please use some punctuation, otherwise we don't know how to read that huge sentence properly.

A lot of Fords have a problem getting the air out of the power steering system. There are many tools made specifically for this problem on Fords. They don't usually blow the cap off the reservoir but it is real common for them to spit fluid out onto the ground when you stop the engine. When the pressure is removed from the fluid, the air in it expands causing the fluid to spill out. If you don't want to take it to a mechanic or buy one of the tools, do not refill the system. Just put enough fluid in so you can't see the pump body inside the reservoir if yours are built together. If the reservoir is separate, just put in enough fluid so there's a little in there when the engine is running.

Turning the wheels lock to lock like we do for all other cars will make the problem worse. The air isn't trapped in a high spot in the system. It's in the fluid. When the pump is not running and the fluid is not under pressure is when the air will slowly work its way out. The problem is when it does, it may settle in a high spot, then get pushed back into the fluid the next time you start the engine. Aerated fluid compresses too. That's why you don't have good power assist yet. Each time you let the car sit for a few hours a little more air will leave the fluid. As it does, you can add some more. Eventually you can add some each day until the system is full.
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