2002 Ford Taurus



January, 16, 2013 AT 11:32 PM

One morning the car would not start. Although it didnt appear anything was left on "jumping the battery" seemed to work just fine. Took the car to auto zone to have the battery tested, dead battery. Replace battery and go to the families about a 200 mile roundtrip. Car was fine the entire way except up any hills. This was a problem we actually encountered before though and we assumed we needed to change spark plugs again. Got home and spark plugs are actually all firing just fine. Went to leave for work, car stalled on the first hill. Now the car wont go more than 3 miles per hour whether on an incline or not. Changed the alternater as recommended. Didnt work. Checked the air intake system as recommended but this also seems fine. The car was starting but after checking air intake system and giving it gas while idling, it wont even start now. So could this be fuel pump or fuel filter? Or something different and hopefully much more simple for us.

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January, 17, 2013 AT 1:45 AM

Is the battery still fully charged? As far as the fuel pump, you need to check to see if the pressure being produced is within the manufacturer's specs. For directions and a video to help you check fuel pressure, go to our home page under the DIY section.

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