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  • 2002 FORD FOCUS
  • 4 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 64,000 MILES
Have a skoda felica 1999 1.3 that has some sort of electrical problem. Started about november time in the cold. When putting in key and start turning over all the lights etc turn on but when go to actually turn over it goes dead. Does not tick over no trying to turn over. Nothing, all electrics turn off too. Have to bump start by pushing (jump leads do not work) replaced battery. Did not help. Replaced starter motor which worked for about a week. When driving home everything cut out, electrics went and engine went dead. Pulled over and then got lumbered with same problem again. Would not turn over. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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Saturday, February 26th, 2011 AT 11:18 PM

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Imma Jeep CJ kinda guy. This is my hobby, I saw you had been waiting, so I will try to help!

I know little about your car. But I have worked on Ford systems, much the same as Jeeps.

It really sounds like your SOLENOID is not working. That does not necessarily mean that the SOLENOID is bad, it could be anything before it, not "Telling" it to work.

Since I do not know your vehicle well, I can only assume that the Solenoid terminals are marked like on Older Fords.I will sorta give you a Checklist on what to look at/ and for

I'll try to start EZ. Toward more involved

1) Check your fuses/ (and maybe relays too, but not yet). See owners manual for locations of all fuses >>Related to the Ignition system<<, Actually pull 'em out and look at them, this will let you see them good and also, if they are loose or not making good contact, they may do so when you put them back in.

2) Follow your big POSITIVE Battery Cable, it will lead you to the SOLENOID and connect to it. Multiple things to do here!

See if "S" Terminal on the solenoid, is still hooked up, IF someone didn't pull it/ knock it loose. The wire on the "S" Terminal can be EZily tested, Take it loose and test it for 12 Volts while someone turns the key to "start", it should "die" when the key is released.

If it does test fine, the problem is from the Solenoid/ or the Solenoid, towards the starter.

If it does not test fine, The Problem is from this wire, back towards the "key" (ignition switch)

3) If the test was fine, The SOLENOID should click or make some kinda sound, when you turn the key to start (be near it, so you can hear it), if not, lets take loose and clean the BIG TERMINALS on the Solenoid. Clean the Big wire on the starter too. Even clean the mounting surface of the solenoid, it may not have a good ground.

4) If you have no click after all of that, replace the solenoid

If you did get a click, it may be your starter. Yet still, sometimes a bad solenoid will click, but will be bad internally.

5) You said your lights worked, so I saved this for last, Could be a ground problem, follow your Negative Battery Cable. Take loose both ends, clean and tighten well

If you cannot test this stuff---At minimum, take loose, clean, and tighten well---All I have described. Try it after each Factor you do, so you will know "What fixed it"

You can get your starter tested at Popular Auto Parts Stores for FREE. If it goes that far

OK, this is like a soap opera for me, I get my satisfaction knowing if this helped. Please do not forget to tell me your results, even if I were wrong.

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