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How best to replace emergency break pads on 2002 ford exployer eddie bauer.
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Monday, January 3rd, 2011 AT 2:12 PM

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1. Before servicing the vehicle, please familiarize yourself with safety procedures.

2. Make sure the parking brake control is fully released.

3. Remove the left cowl side trim panel.

4. With an assistant, release the parking brake cable tension by pulling down on the intermediate cable at the cable-to-cable union until the parking brake control sector rotates to its stop and a 4 mm (0.15 in) x 150 mm (5.9 in) retainer pin can be inserted.
Make sure the cable-to-cable union is connected to the front and rear cable before removing the brake control retaining pin, and the cable tension is reloaded slowly.

5. Disconnect the cable at the cable-to-cable union.

6. Remove the rear brake disc.

7. Remove the parking brake shoe adjusting screw.

8. Remove the parking brake shoe adjusting screw spring.

9. Remove the 2 parking brake shoe hold-down springs and pins.

10. Remove the parking brake shoe retracting spring and the parking brake shoes.

To install:

1. Position the parking brake shoes and attach the retracting spring.

2. Install the 2 parking brake shoe hold-down pins and springs.

3. Install the parking brake shoe adjusting screw spring.
Completely retract the parking brake adjusting screw before installation.

4. Install the brake shoe adjusting screw.

5. Use a brake adjusting gauge to measure the inside diameter of the parking brake drum.

6. Adjust the parking brake shoe clearance of 0.04 inch (1.07 mm) less than the inside diameter of the parking brake drum. Make sure that the parking brake shoes are correctly centered and measure across the center point of the shoes. Rotate the parking brake shoe adjuster wheel to achieve the correct parking brake shoe-to-brake disc clearance.

7. Install the rear brake disc.

8. To reload the tension on the parking brake cable, follow the release procedure in reverse.
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