2002 Dodge Neon



November, 27, 2011 AT 1:59 AM

1-Car turns over strong
2-Fuel pressure is OK
3-All fuses and relays are OK
4-All spark plugs are sparking
5-About a week ago is when the no-start first occurred. After trying a bunch of times to start it over a period of a few hours we sprayed starter fluid into the intake and it started and ran properly for two days. Then it stopped starting again. This time starter fluid does nothing. It doesnt even cause the car to run momentarily 'till it burns off.
6-The night before the first no start situation occurred, the car overheated. No smoke or steam but the coolant was bubbling in the overflow tank and the temp needle was in the red. When the car overheated it was parked for a few hours then driven home thirty-five or so miles mostly highway without over heating again. The car mysteriously overheats maybe twice a month for the past four months. But only twice has it smoked and steamed from under the hood. But the last two times it didn't smoke, just bubbling in the overflow tank. Please offer your opinion on what should be checked out next and why. Thanks in advance.


1 Answer



November, 27, 2011 AT 5:07 AM

Check compression. Check for the presence of combustion gases in the coolant. Pull the dipstick and look for chocolate milk-colored oil. Have it scanned for codes.

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