So I had my rack and pinion, fuel filter.

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So I had my rack and pinion, fuel filter, right and left front hub, and my fuel pump replaced. I got the work done in GA during my spring break home. I drove my car a two days later to return to VA, where I attend school. When I go home before I leave town, I always go to the mechanic to get a review of how my car is standing up and how important it is for the work that I need done to be done immediately. I am a girl so I know a little more than the basics but I don't know it all. So on my way to VA. My car started to tug a little. I got off and put gas in my car. Then I got back on and my car ran hot. The antifreeze boiled over I guess bc it was all splattered out. So I filled my car with antifreeze. Then while driving my car now, it makes a cricket like (squealing) sound only when I place my foot slightly heavily on the gas. As long as I tap the gas ever so slightly it, I do not hear the noise. However, on today as I left work my car cut off while at a light twice and it took a few turn of my ignition for it to turn bk on. Please help me, Should I be mad with my mechanic! What is wrong with my car?
Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 4:25 AM

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Cars break down all the time. Your mechanic is not psychic. When they DO find things for you to worry about people accuse them of trying to sell them unneeded parts. You can't have it both ways.

I'm not clear on what you mean by "tug". To me that implies the car is trying to pull to the left or right and you have to pull back on the steering wheel to keep it going straight. That is an alignment, brake, or tire problem. If you mean it was losing power, that is one of the final indications of an overheating engine. You should have seen a rising temperature gauge or a temperature warning light on the dash. The place to start now is by having the engine checked for a leaking cylinder head gasket. An overheated engine can cause a cylinder head to warp and let the gasket leak, and a leaking gasket can cause overheating. It can be hard to figure out which happened first. At the mileage you listed a corroded and leaking head gasket is nothing abnormal on any car. There could also be some other relatively minor coolant leak that caused the overheating. Radiator and heater hoses rot from the inside and will look good on the outside. Hose clamps work loose or rust off. Hoses develop pinhole leaks.
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Monday, March 18th, 2013 AT 4:55 AM

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