I need a little help, on my 02 Avalanche I.

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Hi I need a little help, on my 02 avalanche I bought before I had a alarm put on it the power doors was working fine. When I got it back from the alarm shop I still had no problems from the locks until three days later I notice the passenger door unlocked while I was driving it suppose to be lock every time my truck goes in gear so I tried to lock it with the unlock and lock button but no respond the window go up and down but the lock not working. So I notice the back doors also not working the only door responding to the button and the alarm is the driver door.I checked each door and the windows work but not the locks.I bought a actuator for the back door on the driver side but still the same results no lock or unlock what to do?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012 AT 2:58 AM

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