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Hi. I have a astra g 1.6 and the last couple of months the light that looks like a engine have come on and stayed on, not the one with the car and a spanner through it. With this the car doesn't run tidy. Its like if its flat and something is holding it back when driving, it so called kangeroos when idling, thats if it doesn't cut out. Sometimes I turn it off as i'm driving and start it again and it runs norma until it idles at lights or junctions and then it goes again. I done the 2 pedal test and it came up code 0340. Looking this up it says camshaft position sensor. I've changed te cam sensor as it says in the haynes manual and also cleaned the egr valve at the same time as these are common faults, hence the one on it now is only a couple of months old. I've checked the wires around the sensor and all seem ok. But after all this still no luck. It came on close to me changing the exhaust a few months ago so thought I whip the exhaust off just to see if thats ok. A long shot I know but funnier things have happened, but that seems ok also. I got a multimetre to check the wireing to the sensor but I don't know how to use one. What settings to use on the multimetre and what ampage or voltage to look out for. Have you got any ideas cause I really don't want to take it to a garage where they'll charge you just to get a code and crap before they look a it. Thanks matt

Sunday, March 17th, 2013 AT 12:31 PM

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