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Hi my 2001 subaru 2.0 gx (non-turbo) is starting but idling rough/lumpy. It all started when I kept stopping at lights etc and when trying to pull away there was no power and or it cut out. Then as I was driving at constant speed it would begin to die, id drop a gear, it would pick up for a few seconds but then die off and id repeat this until I was down to first and then it wud cut out. Now I have it sat on my drive and the symptoms are pretty much the same. It will start but run rough. If I rev it, it revs up and down and returns to lumpy idle. However if I try to keep a constant rev it sort of choke or sumthing and tries to cut out. I can stop it cutting out by taking my foot off the accelerator and it goes back to rough idle. I used to be able to switch the AC and rear windscreen heater on to bring the idle revs up and it ran better but now they doesn't seem to work.
you help would be appreciated and if I get a working solution I will try and donate.
thank you

Monday, February 18th, 2013 AT 9:57 PM

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