2001 Saturn SC2 - I filled up car with fuel.

  • 2001 SATURN SC2
  • 175,000 MILES
2001 Saturn SC2 - I filled up car with fuel; drove 3 miles and parked it for the night. Next day I drove 3 miles and turned it off for 1 hour, restarted car but it died 3 seconds later. It will run with starting fluid. I can not find the Fuel Pump Relay under the hood in the fuse panel area. Where is it? If it is not the problem, then probably fuel pump, right? Guess I will have to siphon full tank of gas (which I had problem getting gas out)? Then drop tank because no access panel under rear seat or trunk, right? Are there other checks you would recommend before dropping the fuel tank?

BTW - While looking for access panel to fuel pump in trunk, I found a couple gallons of rain water from previous problem with sunroof drain line. Wonder if there may have been a way for the rain to have shorted out the fuel relay or something else?

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 AT 5:49 AM

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The fuel pump relay is in the inside fuse box and they rarely fail so I doubt its the relay. See if the fuel pump fuse has power to it while cranking if it does the relay and fuse is good. Have you checked the actual fuel pressure?You have the injectors not pulsing or a fuel pump issue. Is the security light on solid or flashing when trying to start it?
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Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 AT 7:13 AM

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