Renault Scenic Problems! Just few.

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Renault Scenic Problems!

Just few months ago I bought a Renault Scenic 2.0 with automatic transmission. After I purchased the car on my way home the dash board light indicating automatic transmission fault was ON and the transmission went into “limp mode” I returned the car to the dealer and after a week they called me and explained that they have fixed the problem by purchasing a remanufactured automatic transmission. I took the car again and the problem was back after a week. The dealer took the car and said that the solenoid valves are causing the problem and it is an easy fix. I got the car again but after 2 months the light on the dash board went ON and the car does not shift properly between 1st and 2nd gear. However, after switching off the engine both the light indicating automatic transmission and the problem are gone.( It can be OK for a week or two). So every time I need to switch the engine off to eliminate the problem. I don’t know is there a problem with the computer of the car as well?
Today, when I was slowing down to a red light and once I came to a full stop I got strange vibration from the engine. The same thing will happen if I'm in park and I put the car in drive but keep my foot on the brake, I would feel the vibration. Apart from the vibration, the car lost some power. I stopped the car and turned the engine off, and then started it again and the problem was gone immediately. So I am wondering how is that possible? I draw the car for several hours after that and everything was OK! The oil level is OK, and and nothing on the dash board is indicating a problem. (Usually if it is a sensor fault the problem will be displayed). So my questions are several.

Is it possible that the automatic transmission fault can cause strong engine vibrations? Why after I restart the engine both problems (automatic transmission and vibration) are gone for a while.

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 AT 1:02 PM

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