My Renault Megane has recently had the cylinder.

  • 75,300 MILES

My Renault megane has recently had the cylinder head replaced and since then it has started this problem where as the car revs can dip from 800 to under 500 and the car loses all power at the same point, if you are driving the car when it does this it is like the car starts running on 3 cylinders and after about 30 secs or so it then returns to normal and during this period it is like the car is chocking up, I checked the coils when this happened and the no 1 cylinder was making no difference to the car if unplugged or not it just didn't seem to be working. I then swapped the coils 1 and 3 over so as the next time the car done this I could simply go out and unplug the no 2 cylinder and I took it that if the no 2 cylinder then acted like it was not working I would have concluded that it was needing the coil replaced but when I actually did this and I unplugged the no 2 cylinder the car immediately cut out, I tried this several times with the same result which now leads me to believe that all the coils are working properly. Can you help me I am totally at a loss of what this could be, I know it is either electrical or fuel but cant seem to find a problem with anything.

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 AT 1:24 AM

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