Hiya I have a 206

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  • 2001 PEUGEOT 206
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I have a 206. 1.4 Auto. I have only been driving since novemeber and I have had to have the CV joints replaced. This is my first car, this evening when I went to pick up my son, I noticed a horrendous grinding noise coming from under the bonnet, whilst I was sat with the engine running. I quicky turned it off, and the noise continued. It eventually stopped, and I called my husband, he turned up and popped the bonnet, I turned the engine on, and it didnt do anything, sounded normal, however after a few minutes, I noticed my temp gauge rising, and the noise started again. And then stopped. My husband said it sounded like the fan was rubbing on something, but as he couldnt see it he coulnt be sure. I managed to drive it home, but did so with the heater on full, and I saw the temp gauge return to normal.
Normally I only use the car to get back and to from work. But today the car was sat in the sun all day, and then I drove home, to be called straight back out without the car cooling down?
I dont know if all this is relaevant for the problem, but Im hoping it will be something fairly simple and not to expensive.? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Caroline :)

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 AT 8:24 PM

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