My engine light is on constantly and flashes.

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  • 2001 OPEL ASTRA
  • 136,000 MILES

My engine light is on constantly and flashes when i'm at certain speeds and try to go faster, usually at 30, 40, 50. When the engine is cold it's perfect, but it soon starts to misfire and the power decreases. The diagnostics test shows misfire on cylinder 2. I've had the injector checked, I've had my computer tested and apparently repaired, I've had an auto electrician check for a wiring fault but nothing found. Some days are better than others and it doesn't seem to misfire so much, and its still very driveable but I would like to get it fixed once and for all. This might be a stupid question but is it possible for a faulty computer to make it misfire?

Do you
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Friday, January 25th, 2013 AT 7:45 PM

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