2001 Nissan Maxima



June, 7, 2014 AT 3:36 PM

Automatic 2001 Nissan Maxima: I bought the car 2 yrs ago. From the first winter I noticed that the gear box would behave strangely in cold weather. If I braked heavily/suddenly at the lights, the car would 'fall' out of gear back into neutral. I would then have to put the car back into park and then drive, sometimes a few times, to rectify the problem. Everything would go back to normal once the car had warmed up.

This winter the behaviour changed somewhat, whereby when I put the car into drive, 2nd or 3rd gear would be engaged making it very hard to take off - again things would go back to normal once the car was warm. I asked a mechanic to flush the transmission fluid and when the car came back there was yet another subtle change in behaviour. 2nd would still be engaged when the car was cold but when I pushed the accelerator, the car would sometime drop back into first with heavy thud.

Then last week I was at the lights and the car just turned off. Put it back in park turned it on - which it did without any problems - put it back into drive, the car, shudders a little and turns off. My question is, could this be the symptom of something simple that can be fixed cheaply or is it most likely that my gearbox needs replacing?


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June, 7, 2014 AT 6:36 PM

This is a internal problem. You'll need to have it rebuilt and replace the converter.

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