Hello guys, I have a Mercedes.

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Hello guys,

I have a Mercedes S430 from year 2001. This car is in perfect condition from 1 owner who serviced always in MB Dealer shop from new. He bought a new Mercedes and sold this one.
I bought his S430.
The car drives perfect but when I give a quick full gas then the car forgets to change gear. After a second everything goes back to normal.
Also the ABS pumps back when I push the brake, it feels like I am trying to stop on ice. Thats what the car thinks. But actually there is no ice. The road is dry but the ABS pumps back.

I let her computer read and it came back with many errors:
-P2400 to P2403 RMP signal is implausible
-NO CAN message "vehicle speed signal left rear wheel from control modul N47-5 (ESP control unit) P0500
-Rough Road detection signal by comparing wheel speeds and speed signal from control module ESP is implausible, Read out fault

And many similars all says the same as the car cant read the speed correctly!

I just dont know why is that?
As when I drive slowly I mean normal the car drives perfect!
When I do something quick and sporty then the car is confused!
Is that possible the sensors are faulty?
Or is this with the gear box itself?
And why the ABS pumps back when I just push the brake normal?

Please note: The car looks, drives, feels perfect! I am a dealer. I have now 3 S Class Mercedes same age and the other 2 is just not the same level with this S430 as this one is like new. All service carried out in MB dealer and had one good owner.
I am feeling so sorry for this car as I actually planned to keep it for myself. Wish I could fix this problem with the ABS and Gear box.
Please help!

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AT 1:45 AM

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