Low voltage light came on on display, I thought.

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Low voltage light came on on display, I thought it was just the battery that required charging so tried to continue home, (Dark night time, approx 10 miles) then the srs light, abs light came on and the power streering disappeared, and the car over heated. I decided to pull over to avoid any further problems and called breakdown. When they arrived they found the alternator belt had broke and because of that I had run the battery flat as it was notr recharging the battery.
When he fitted the jump leads to his fully charged battery the engine would not turn over at all? I took the car to my local garage they fitted a new belt and recharged my battery, also replaced a broken fuse(i dont know what this fuse was for) but the car will still not start or even attempt to turn over? Has anyone else had this problem after a broken belt. Can anyone help

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 AT 9:22 AM

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