Oil light on after accident

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  • 2001 LEXUS RX 300

My car was in a car accident about 3 wees ago. I drove from the site of the accident to a collision center 45 min away. At this time no oil light was on nothing. The collision center went ahead and fixed the damage they said was caused by the accident. The radiator was dented in and both the bumpers needed repair. Halfway through the repairs a person from the collision center called and said that an oil light came on but that they thought I just needed oil. So the next day I went ahead an picked up my car. I was driving for no more than 10 min when I attempted to press the gas a little harder and it no longer went up then all of a sudden ALL of my dashboard lights came up, I pulled over and put it in park and the car just shut off. I called a tow truck and as I was waiting had the car running to use the AC. I now have no idea what the problem is. Mechanics have told me its because of the gas pump. Is there anyway that this could have been a result of poor instillation and not really have anything to do with the gas pump? Perhaps the car is overheating because the radiator was poorly installed? If it is the gas pump could it be failing because of the accident?

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Monday, February 7th, 2011 AT 11:49 PM

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