2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee



April, 2, 2013 AT 7:41 PM

Automatic, diesel, 3.2 WM (?) Engine. Have had replaced the thermostatic radiatior fan clutch after Trans Over Heat warning light came on and overdrive dropped a cog. Sometime later I had a new rad thermostat and sometime later the same warning light cae on and a different shop changed the water pump which was weeping. Now the light comes on again when the engine is particularly hot - again for perhaps 10 seconds or so but the alarming thing is the sudden changing of gear downwards. Some seconds later the higher gear is selected and all is well.
The only cause I can find is the gearbox lube oil lvevel is way above the marks on the dipstick, even when stone cold the level is a couple of cms above the hot/max mark. Could this be the fault. I'll have to seel the car as I can't afford anymore maintenance on what has become a very expensive car to run.


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April, 20, 2013 AT 8:04 AM

It like having your own mercedes.

My guess is the trans cooler is blocked. Have the fluid chaged and the filter and have them power flush the cooler.


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