Engine cutting off while driving and then cranks up again after a little while.

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  • 2001 INFINITI QX
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I have an infiniti QX4 2001 thats regularly serviced. For some reason its been cutting cutting off almost like the fuel is not getting where its supposed to. But shortly after it will start up again and drive like it's 100% fine. Pep boys diagnosed it and an error code came up suggesting a problem with the IAC but thats new and so is the computer (replace about 1 month ago). They also suggested it could be a problem with the vaccum in the air hose but they couldn't quite get to it to make sure. I took it to the infiniti dealer and they said the codes for teh IAC had to be relearned. It then drove fine on a 2hr trip back to my area and then as I slowed down to it cut off again and this morning cut off thrice while driving. But before the tow truck could get there it started up and drove smoothly back to my house where Im trying to figure out this problem. PS When it cuts off it will crank normally but not start sometimes. And then sometimes it wont even crank and I have to try 2 -3 times before it cranks.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, March 17th, 2011 AT 2:43 PM

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