Vehicle retards when going over a bump and when accelerating from low speeds. A wiring connections have been checked by mechanic.

  • 162,000 MILES

Vehicle started losing power while towing camper trailer 11k from Moura Qld. RACQ drove vehicle to garage then tested automatic transmission and said it is stuffed. They had a 2nd hand transmission delivered and took 4 days to instal it. Tubes were different sizes because it was a later model? The test drive reveled a retarding when accelerating from slow speeds and an error message saying a coil pack was faulty. The next day there were no error messages but now the retarding occurs when going over a bump. The mechanic has checked all wiring connections. He now wants me to drive it to a transmission specialist at Rockhampton to have him check it. We have been stuck in the Moura caravan park for 17 days. The cost of the transmission was to be about $5000 with a 1 year warranty. This extra work is frightening. The vehicle is only worth about $9000.

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Monday, June 18th, 2012 AT 9:43 AM

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