2001 Ford tauras no heat

  • 2001 FORD TAURUS
  • V8
  • FWD

I'm sorry that I was unable to give more information in the begining
about the heating problem that I am experiencing. Yes I have the
ford taurus ses model with close to or slightly over hundred thousand
miles I have tryed to keep up with all repairs needed for this car
i have asked a mechanic to prepare car for the winter every year
such as change the oil and fix antifreeze forthe winter and things
like that I had to have some work done in this area for the past two
winters and keep told me he would have to turn the air conditioner
off to get heat going for last year and the previous year he put in
a new thermostat I think, do I need a stronger or bigger or better
thermostat or is their something more wrong I have had the corrosion
build up in the antifreeze plastic box on car replaced and cleaned
my car run really good since I had theball joint and tie rods replaced
it squeak a bit but I don, t have any other problems other than I knwo
i need new tires. I read the info and links supplied about the heater
core and the thermostat. I don't have any thing leaking either.
i have had the car tuned up and oil changes, brakes repair any
further ideas
on what I need to do or is it some type of sensor
or something else

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, December 17th, 2010 AT 4:14 AM

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If you are not getting heat, make sure the coolant is full. Next, the thermostat he replaced should be a 195 F thermostat. Confirm that. Also, make sure to check that both heater core hoses are getting hot. If they are, the problem is most likely a faulty blend door. If they are not both hot, have the heater core flushed.

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