2001 Ford Taurus



June, 14, 2011 AT 12:32 AM

I have a ford tarus 2001 3.0 v6 ohv and about a week ago my water pump went out also I think blew the head gasket to I put some blue devil head gasket sealant in the car to see if it would seal up the leaks because it was leaking water out the muffler well I dont see any more water leaking out the muffler but now my car has rough idle I changed the spark plug wires and the spark plugs to it still hasnt changed the way it idles
also seem to have water leak some where but I dont see anymore water running out the muffler but it seems like that when I let the car run for awhile and the let the car temp rise after I turn the car off the water in the reservoir is gone the only time that water disapears is after the car temp has rose up to normal temp
so any help would great ty


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June, 14, 2011 AT 12:55 AM

I'd do a compression test on all cylinders.

Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Check compression at cranking speed with throttle valve wide open and all spark plugs removed. Ensure crankcase is at correct level and oil is of correct viscosity. With compression gafe installed, use remote starter to crank engine. Crank engine 5 revolutions, minimum, and record highest pressure gage reading. Repeat procedure for all cylinders using approximately same number of revolutions. Lowest compression reading should not be less than 75% of highest compression reading. Cylinder compression readings should not be less than 100 psi.



June, 14, 2011 AT 12:56 AM

See if there is any coolant in your oil?

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