Why isn't my Ford Puma starting?

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  • 2001 FORD PUMA
  • 64,500 MILES

I'm asking on behalf of my girlfriend who has had a 2001 1.7 Ford Puma (only done 64,000 miles) for about two weeks.

I took it to my mechanic father today to check it over for her - he didn't find anything major (wheel bearing, backbox is original and will need changing, flexi pipe) but when I come to move it it will not start!

Initially I thought it was immobiliser related as when I turn the key to position 3 I get nothing. Initially I thought battery, but took it off and checked it on a charger and its fully charged.
However, after doing some reading I'm not sure it is the immobiliser as I've tried both keys (remote fob and spare) and I don't get any fast flashing on the red LED next to the clock. The red LED goes off when trying to start and only comes on about 5 seconds later.

It doesn't click or anything, the only noises are the fuel pump whirring on position 2. Also tried jumpstarting it but nothing.
We did, however bumpstart it fine but as soon as its turned off - nowt. I've even tried whacking the starter motor a few times with a hammer!

It started fine this morning, and the only things we did were jack it up all round to check bearings, pipes, etc. Also I cleaned the throttle body with carb cleaner (as her accelerator pedal was sticking from cold) and cleaned the MAF as it was in the same area!

Has anyone heard of this?

The exact order of events are:
Turn key to position 2 - all dash lights on + fuel pump whirs.
The fuel and airbag lights to go out first then the abs and tcs lights.
The red oil, battery and handbrake lights stay on.
Turn the key to position 3 - nothing happens from the engine but the clock and odometer lights go out and then the abs and tcs lights come back on.

I've had to break the news to her that I've broken her beloved car so I don't think I'm in the good books!

Do you
have the same problem?
Friday, December 31st, 2010 AT 2:16 PM

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