Started about 6 months ago

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  • 2001 FORD ORION
  • 47,000 MILES

Started about 6 months ago. Had had 3 batteries replaced on it since then. Additionally, a new alternator and brand new battery has been replaced in the last week.

Car would not start. It does not click or anything. However, you hook up a portable battery charger into it the car would start up right away and run for 2-3 starts for the day but then would not start again within 24 hours. All possibilities for shorts have been checked out.

Even removed my trunk light in case that was the issue. That still has not fixed the issue. Over $800 spent so far on problem.

If I had a bad starter would this happen?

Thank you for your reply.

Monday, November 5th, 2012 AT 3:28 AM

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