My car makes a pinging noise around the top of the motor and around the left side.

  • 2001 FORD FOCUS
  • 119,000 MILES

I drove my car home it was running fine, I shut it off for about 15 minutes or so because I had to leave again, and the car would not start. It would turn over so I knew it was the starter, it acted like it wasn't getting any fuel so I unhooked the fuel line under the hood and cranked the engine over to see if any fuel was coming out and the fuel was coming out good, so knowing that the fuel was coming out good I went ahead and replaced the fuel filter, I hooked the fuel lines back up and it started, but now it has a pinging noise around the top and left side of the engine, I thought it was the timing belt so I unhooked everthing so I could get the timing belt off and noticed the the timing belt tensioner was bad so I went ahead and bought a new tensioner and timing belt. I put the crankshaft pulley and the cam shaft pulley on the timing marks and put the timing belt on, started the car and it still has a pinging noise, I dont know what else to do, do you have any idea what is going on with my car?

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Sunday, May 13th, 2012 AT 10:41 PM

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Use a auto/other stethoscope to try and pinpoint noise.

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Sunday, May 13th, 2012 AT 11:07 PM

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