2001 Ford Excursion



January, 21, 2012 AT 9:33 PM

A few weeks back I had a major issue with my brakes and power steering. As I was pulling into a parking lot, the brakes seemed to "lock" and I could barely turn my steering wheel. After taking to the mechanic shop, I was told the hydroboost and the steering pump both needed replacing. We had both replaced but since I have done that the brakes just don't act right. Not every time I brake, but every time I drive the vehicle, when coming to a complete stop, the brakes tend to "lock" for a brief period followed by "hum" sound that sounds like some sort of release? I was worried they might have put the wrong part for the hydroboost on my vehicle. Any ideas what could be the problem? Thank you for your help!

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January, 21, 2012 AT 9:47 PM

Have a different mechanic shop check your abs unit to see if it's acting ok, sounds like it might not be. He will have to scan it for codes.

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