Heater is working fair

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Heater is working fair. With warm/hot air coming out of the front and lower areas.
When I switch to the third setting (NOT FAN SPEED) on the control panel or any setting with the defrost the system switches over to Vent Mode. Not much hot air or defrosting going on that way. Seems like the vent door is almost always open just a bit. Even when I am getting heat/hot air coming out. Ok. Which actuator should I replace to take a stab at this? Could the issue be in the control panel assembly itself?
Further. When looking at HVAC actuators for this vehicle. Seems like there are 5 or 6. How am I to know which one exactly to get. Other than taking it and and putting it on the counter at the parts house?

Friday, December 14th, 2012 AT 4:45 AM

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