First this whole mess started while I was.

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First this whole mess started while I was driving, and all the lights inside, outside and Idle seemed to have dropped.

Went to advanced auto, had the battery and ALT checked out, battery was fine. Got home removed the ALT and took it to a local ALT/Generator rebuild should. They did an inital test and came back perfectly fine.

Came home reinstalled the ALT. Went to turn the key, JAMMED. Key wont turn.

Now that previous night I had to move up the car in my garage, I inserted the the turn to "ON" and popped into neutral, pushed it up and put the shifter back into "PARK" didnt think to retest and turn on.

NOW: I noticed the key wont turn, the Orange shift indicator is stuck on "1", but the actual shiftr is in Park. I double checked the shift arm on the top side of the tranny and made sure as I had to put it into neutral manually to move the car. And the column isnt locking meaning I can still turn the wheels with the key out the shifter in park.
So I am stuck and something doesnt seem right.

Friday, November 16th, 2012 AT 2:30 AM

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