When I start my car ( still in park) everything.


When I start my car ( still in park) everything seems fine. But when I put it in R to back up I have to keep my foot on the break to back up slowly enough. If I were not pressing the break I would start to go backwards without having to touch the gas pedel. When I put it in D: in the parking lot I have to keep my foot on the break to go slow enough. On the road my speed will steadily increase to 55mph without me even touching the gas, if I want to go higher than 55 I have to press the gas but if I let off it wil go back down to 55. Also as soon as I put my car in park or neutral the RPMs fly up to 4 to 4.5 before I can turn the car off. Also sometimes I have to "giggle" the battery just to get my car to start. My car is an automatic.
Also When hurricane Issac hit a couple of months ago my car got pulled into a ditch full of water and sat there for about 6 hours until we could get it out at witch point my brother in law got it running again. This is when it started acting up and running rough. Id appreciate any knowledge on how to fix my car problems or on what may be causing them

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 AT 4:01 AM

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