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2001 Acura CL



February, 18, 2013 AT 9:20 PM


I have a 2001 Acura CL TypeS with 180,000KM. I have two problems with it.

1) Firstly, for many years now there is a violent or rough shake as I accelerate off the lights when the car reaches 40kmh. It doesn't happen if the transmission is in neutral or park and I just hit the accelerator pedal. Only when driving at around 40kmh does it shake the car.
Any thoughts on what this could be?

2) More recently, I have been hearing the car alarm go on (or at least that's what I think it is, because the doors are locked and the alarm by default is activated) by itself. I used to think it was someone's car, and would let it go and the alarm would go off after a few minutes and then come on again. And this would happen intermittently. Or if I use my remote key transmitter and unlock system then the alarm would turn off that way too.
Any thoughts and suggestions on this problem?

Thanks for helping out,
Acura Man


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