• 65,000 MILES

AEE 1.6l Engine
I replaced the lifters as they were noisy, before I removed the camshaft, I made sure the engine was on TDC No1, crankshaft gear on shamfered tooth and camshaft with dot on plastic timing mark with Timing belt cover removed, I marked the Distributor cap, rotor cap was lined up with mark on Distributor cap. Removed camshaft, replaced lifters and put back together. All timing marks are lined up, engine cranks but won't start, have put timing light on number 1 spark plug and lights up so there is spark. Also put a scan tool on it and checked for codes. No codes present. There is spark and you can smell fuel. Still won't start. I thought it might be one tooth out so I moved it one tooth, it starts being one tooth out and drives fine but it overheats, indicating that the timing is too far advanced. Any help much appreciated.

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Sunday, January 20th, 2013 AT 11:44 PM

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