2000 Toyota Camry



September, 19, 2011 AT 1:32 AM

I'm desperate and extremely frustrated as I have a 2000 Camry, 4 cyl, CE/L 120k miles with a vibration problem that nobody seems to be able to figure out, including our local dealership here in Las Vegas. The problem started around 15000 miles ago. Before then it was smooth as silk.
The car tends to vibrate at around 70 mph and seems to come from the front end as the steering wheel shakes, not violently, -- yet noticeable, ---sometimes, but more often than not, but not always.
We have put on new tires that are balanced perfectly and had the rims, factory steel, checked out and they are not bent at all. We have replaced the brakes, rotors, drums in the rear, had the motor mounts checked and 1 replaced, had the front wheel drive assembly serviced and checked, had a rubber bushing replaced in the front end that wasn't bad but wasn't perfect, had new lug bolts and nuts installed, had the transmission bracket or mounts -- whatever they are called--- and still the vibration persists, particularly on hotter days, don't understand this one but it will vibrate on cooler days just not as often or as severely. Maybe this "cooler"days thing is my imagination. Our tire dealership is tired of checking the rims and balancing as we have had them do this numerous times---just in case. All nuts and bolts have been checked to make sure they are tight as well. None of these repairs or attempted corrections have fixed the problem! The car runs smooth and doesn't vibrate at lower speeds at all -- only at 70mph and above but not all of the time---but almost all of the time.
Our Toyota dealer denies the problem but I don't believe any tech has test driven the car at 70-85mph. They just tell me that the car is sound mechanically and that the motor, all parts of the drive train, and brakes are in perfect condition. They keep telling me that it has to be in the wheels and tires yet they have said that they have inspected those components as well and they are also "perfect"!
Do you have any suggestions at all?
We have driven the car on numerous streets and highways to eliminate a "certain stretch of highway" or road surface.
I'm at wits end as I have spent over $2000 so far and it still continues.
I will be forever grateful for you to respond to this question even if you cannot help me. PLEASE HELP ME!
Doug L.
Henderson, NV
the1010co@embarqmail. Com

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September, 19, 2011 AT 2:34 AM

You don't mention anything about an alignment. This is the first thing that I would have them do.



October, 13, 2012 AT 6:17 AM

I feel your pain--I have a 2000 Camry LE with the same problem and its driving me nuts, I do not want to trade it in on a new car as this is like a new car and have had it new off the showroom floor. It has 151,000 miles on it and this just started 4k ago. New Tires, Rims, Brakes, Timing Belt, All 4 Wheel alignment, bearings redone----and I am at wits end--if any dealership knows what the heck is going on --let me know -ill take it in again but I am getting tired of process of elimination--its costing $$$$$$$$ that I do not have.



February, 3, 2013 AT 6:03 PM

Jamessutton. Was there a resolution to this issue?

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