I have a Clio 172 that I bought a few days.

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Hi, I have a clio 172 that I bought a few days ago with problems.
to start the car I need to pump the accelerator and when started it wont idle it just cuts out.
it sounds really rough and when driving only has slight power and obviously when changing gear if the revs arent high enough it cuts out.
the guy I bought it off said that the coilpack was changed to no avail. The mechanic I took it to could not get a diagnosis and said that there was a problem with cylinder 1 whether it be valves or piston. (Ecu light not working or bulb gone).
ive heard that it could be faulty leads from the ecu that can cause cylinders 1&4 to stop or 2&3.
could you shed some professional thought on this if possible please because until I get time to strip the engine and have the money due to christmas, then im just going to be wondering whether its worth getting a new engine in there.
hoping its not engine problems, just ecu.
thanks guys

Friday, December 7th, 2012 AT 7:33 PM

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