2000 Grand Am GT Wont Fire!

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I recently had my alternator die on my way home from work. The next day before changing the part, the car was started up and moved around in the driveway. It ran fine, except the battery died again. Which was expected. Note that the car runs GREAT. Until now!

After replacing the alternator, my car turns over but wont start. Here's what ive tried.
1) Fuel Pumps Running
2) Battery Replaced
3) Alternator Replaced
4) All spark plugs changed
5) Thought it may be the ECU, but after purchasing another one from a scrap yard, starting to think mine is fine
6) Checked all fuses; had one blown Ignition Fuse under the hood, and my BCM and ECU fuses inside the car was looking a little rough, so I changed those too just to be safe.
Car still wont start.

Now I did notice a female 2 way connector on the right side of my injector coil that was supposed to have two wires going into it, that didn't; with two small wires coming out of a harness attached to my alternator by a christmas tree pin that had no home. Upon researching the injector coil on the internet, I discovered that the source is the power for my injecors. My dad must have ripped it out while he was reefing on the old alternator off which seemed like it was welded to it's bracket like it's never been replaced. I went and purchased a replacement and did the ol' attach and seal with electrical tape. Should have they been soldering involved there? Clipped it in, ar still wont start.

We plugged in a code reader and there were no codes. I had attempted to replace the ECU, but when the car didnt fire, I immediately put the old one back in.

My service engine light and service vehicle light have been on since I got the car, but now I have them, the break light, battery light and oil light on also. NO security light. It is solid and shuts off with my car in the on position. I have never had a security issue with the car and don't even have a transmitter for the thing.

Sorry about the novel, I wanted to cover everything. Help would be greatly appreciated as I am completely stumped now!

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 AT 1:10 AM

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Any luck with it?

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011 AT 4:43 AM

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